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Thank you for you interest in our coaching center. There are many, many fitness choices available to you in this area, and we are pleased to give you a little more information about how we do business at MILO.

We have been involved in the fitness industry, in several capacities, since 1991. It is a huge understatement to say we have become frustrated, sad and often irked by the substandard knowledge, professionalism and practices in this business.

Frankly, the amount of big and small box gyms and clubs that cater to increasing member numbers instead of increasing member results, has created a distrust between the public and our industry that is often difficult to overcome.

We set out to rebuild that trust.

We have made a training facility that caters to members achieving results.  That starts with having knowledgeable trainers using the best and most efficient training methods. Our assessment process goes beyond what other local centers offer. If a trainer fails to know how and why your body moves the way it does, how is that trainer supposed to design a program that helps you move better or more efficiently?  We want to know as much about your fitness life as possible - we want to know your limitations - so we can create the programming to show that you are limitless. 

                                                                                                         Check us out on Instagram!

 We will put our wares on display for you. Take one of our classes, one of our Elements or Essentials fitness classes - on us. If you can test into it, take our elite class, too. 

Coach Milo assessing the Xolos.

If we, or what we do, are not up to your standards, don't join us. It is as simple as that. We are trainers, not salespeople. We specialize in helping you burst through your limits and in helping you change your life. We do not practice high-pressure sales techniques.

Please do not get us wrong, we would love to have your business. We just will not resort to gimmicks to earn it. Visit us, in person, and see if you like what we have to offer.

MILO is a new concept for this area. It is an entirely outdoor gym. That is by design. Most of the fun activities folks do, in their daily lives, happen outside. We, as humans, have a different mentality when we are outside in the elements. Because we are in San Diego County, we have the luxury of phenomenal weather year round. 

We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish thus far and are looking forward to a great future. Coach Milo has been working with and volunteering with clients all over the county since 2008.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn a little more about us! We are looking forward to meeting you!


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We know a few things.


We know a few things.

We love our trainers at MILO.

But, we have to admit, they are not Jedi masters, Vulcans or mind readers. We cannot sense what is happening to your body using the force or a mind meld. THAT would be cool! Alas, our trainers actually have to watch your body move before we can find the best ways to make more efficient, stronger and powerful movements.

Everybody stepping onto the grass at MILO gets assessed. Some assessments are more detailed than others and can take up to 2.5 hours. Other assessments can take as little as five minutes.

Programming gets started with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is seven body-weight movements that help ascertain movement asymmetries. Having an asymmetry means that one side of the body is moving more efficiently than the other side. The potential for injury increases when an exercise enthusiast with an asymmetry participates in our classes. Unless the person is an athlete who should have an asymmetry to compete at a high level, we want to help get rid of all asymmetries.

One can score from 0 - 21 with three points as the maximum score in each of the seven movements. Those scoring a 12 or above are eligible to take our large group classes. Below a 12 and the body simply is not moving well enough for us to let that athlete train without a good amount of personal attention.

Fundamental Movement Skills follow the FMS. These skills include: rolling, skipping, single-leg hopping, shuffling, throwing and kicking. For some of us, it has been a while since we have done any of those, and a long time since we've done all of them. But those skills represented entries into advanced levels of fitness and athleticism for all of us.

We want to see what it is going to take for us to do all of them or get back to doing all of them with ease.

We want to know how strong your glutes are. Are the brain and the glutes actually talking to each other when they should be? Is your outter core stronger than the inner core? Have you had an accident or fall or any trauma that caused a revisiting of the primitive and postural reflexes, and has there been work done to inhibit those reflexes again?

Our goal is to be thorough with you, but understand something; we will not administer an assessment that is not needed. In other words, we really do not see the value in trying to assess the Overhead Deep Squat of a wheelchair athlete or studying the sprint mechanics of an archer.

The human body does seven things: bends, extends, rotates right, rotates left, squats and stands on one leg then the other. Permutations - probably did not know we knew about that did you! - tell us there are 5,040 movements that can be made from those seven. But let us take those movements and add resistance to them. How about doing them while moving forward or backward? What about upside down going backward? Then there is right side up to upside down back to right side up while facing forward first and ending up going backward. See where we can take this? There are many combinations of movement patterns the body can get into. 

So, it can get a little extreme. But MILO is all about the extreme. The body was built to move and be efficient doing it. Track and Field, X-Games Sports, new-age dancing as well as many of the "extreme" sports continually test the body's limits.

Our mission is to use our own special powers (hint: more than 300 assessments) to show you, that no matter what you do, you are limitless. 

Give us a shout!




The simplest way to describe us is like this: We are folks who love to help other folks change their lives.

That is us in a nutshell. Health, physical fitness and nutrition are not things we do a few hours a day a few days a week. This is who we are. It is what we are. We live this life and are continuously finding better means and methods of helping others live livelier lives.

We are not fitness models and we do not compete in EcoChallenges (although that does sound cool!), but we are definitely in shape and practice what we preach.

We love to play, and when we are not helping you or your friends play better or easier, we are trying to see which one we can move faster on, a surfboard or on a mountain bike. That is, if we are not trying to tackle each other before draining the 3-pointer off the diving board while kicking a soccer ball for a field goal. ... (like what we did there?) 

Check us out on Twitter!

Rules we live by:

1. ZERO B.S. - We will absolutely never, Never, NEVER utter a single word of bullshit when it comes to your health and fitness. We will not sugarcoat anything. If honesty is what you want to hear about when it comes to what it is going to take to get to where you want go, then we are your people!

Our foundation is not in degrees, certifications or training elite level athletes (everybody has those and does that). We value respect, honesty, altruism, smart work and authenticity.

2. PHENOMENAL IS ADDICTIVE - Every day that we get the chance to make our bodies and minds a little better than yesterday is a phenomenal day!

3. NEVER STOP LEARNING - There is always something we can learn to be better at doing. We will frequently attend seminars and workshops, or will invite dynamic speakers and presenters to us, so we can learn more. We are not trying to keep the knowledge either. We will encourage our members to learn from us and with us.

4. EAT WELL. LIFT HEAVY STUFF. RUN AS FAST YOU CAN. Seriously, do that every day, and life is good!




Tell us a little about yourself and about what you would like to accomplish! We will get in touch with you within 24 hours!

Name *




Now, this is no bull!


There was actually a guy name Milo who lived in the 6th century BC in the Magna Graecia (Great Greek) city of Croton in Southern Italy. Milo was an Original Badass - a wrestler who won six Olympic titles - competing in seven Olympiads. Just in case you are not counting, that is 24 years of being the best at what he does. That is pretty sick! * He also won seven crowns at the Pythian Games, 10 at the Isthmian Games, and nine at the Nemean Games. Milo was a five-time PeriodonikΔ“s, a "grand slam" kind of title bestowed on the winner of all four festivals in the same cycle.


Milo was a soldier, leading Croton to a victory over neighboring Sybarite, while being out-numberd 3-to-1. . He was a hero, too, who supposedly saved Pythagoras's life by holding up a pilar of a caving-in roof while the mathematician escaped.

As far as we are concerned, Milo's feats of strength, which reached mythical proportions are the best stories. One such story stated that Milo was able to hold a pomegranate in his hand, without damaging it, while men tried to pry apart his fingers.

Milo and the Bull is by far the best story though!

As the story goes, to grow stronger, Milo's father told him to carry a calf up a hill every day. So, Milo did. Every day. For four years. The calf did not remain a calf. It grew daily, turning into a large bull. But Milo still carried it. To the masses it appeared to be an incredible feat of strength. To Milo, it was simply adding a little weight to what he had yesterday. Another story says that Milo even carried a bull into the Olympic stadium, presumably to psyche out his competition.

We lift today. We lift a little more tomorrow. Even more the day after that. We keep going, keep eclipsing our limits. Folks, we call that progressive resistance. Progressive resistance is how we gets stronger.

Old advertisement (1902) from the MILO Barbell Company. Stating that this adjustable barbell is the "only system of exercise which produces GREAT MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT and at the same time teaches athletes to apply their strength."

Old advertisement (1902) from the MILO Barbell Company. Stating that this adjustable barbell is the "only system of exercise which produces GREAT MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT and at the same time teaches athletes to apply their strength."

We do not get stronger by going to a fitness center or by sitting in a weight room. We need to be consistent in our actual lifting of weights, sprinting and nutritional habits.

That is how Milo did it. Worked for him. Works for us, too!

If you want to know a little more about Milo of Croton, check the Encyclopedia Britannica, Perseus Digital Library, Princeton University, Iron Game History and his Wiki page.

As far as our own Coach Milo. One of his aunts gave him the name Milo, and one of his uncles gave him the nickname Bull (although that uncle was the only one who ever called him that) because as a youngster Coach Milo would always wrestle with that uncle. Odds are phenomenal that uncle didn't know anything about Milo of Croton's feats when he gave Coach Milo the nickname.


There it is! All the proof needed!

Earth is a bit bigger than Sybarite. But as you see, from birth, Coach Milo was destined to save us all from obesity and its minions using strength and conditioning and health and fitness and athletics and nutrition!

If not, hell, it sure makes for a good story!

* There are some who believe Milo won seven Olympic titles. It is believed that he attended one Olympics and there were zero challengers and was declared the winner by default. But some historians do not believe that should count given he did not compete. WHATEVER ... we count it purely based on the principle of not ruining a good story!

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Toys & Stuff!

Some of the equipment we offer.

Toys & Stuff!

Some of the equipment we offer.

The MILO Performance Center and Coach Milo were voted by The San Diego Magazine as the "Best Outdoor Gym & Trainer" in San Diego for 2015.

Sweet Stuff!!!

But folks, we are just getting started!

MILO is powered by a multi-station piece of FUNctional fitness amazement designed by the exercise equipment brainiacs at Life Fitness. The unit is called the Synrgy BlueSky. It is the first full-sized unit to be put to use in an outdoor performance center setting.

An insanely fun piece of fitness equipment!

Simply put, this thing is sick

The BlueSky is great for: Pulling ... Pushing ... Stretching ... Jumping ... Climbing ... Swinging ... Hanging ... Navigating ... Stepping ... Crawling ... Strengthening ... and that's just the beginning. We still have to get in to the kinesthetic, vestibular and other spatial awareness things we can do. Oh! All of that is without a single attachment! When we attach a few of our "toys" to this, the stuff we can do with movement is ridiculous.

The BlueSky is powder coated galvanized steel. There are zero moving parts - unless, that is, you count the laxity in the net, which is actually supposed to be there. Since MILO works with young and adult athletes, the BlueSky was configured to be maximized by both groups of athletes.

Our youngest athletes, who nicknamed the unit "Skye" have developed nothing but love for it. Even during our golf fitness classes, they want to "play" on it and seemingly do nothing else!  Meanwhile, our adult athletes have developed a love/hate relationship with Skye. After a few fun sets of particularly challenging exercises, the adults can be heard using a few other, rather, more descriptive names for Skye.

Measuring Movement

We are also very happy to have MyZone for our members! MyZone is a heart rate monitoring system that gives you and your trainer an amazing tool to help reach fitness goals! The member will wear the heart rate monitor throughout the day, especially during workouts. The monitor collects and stores data about the energy expenditure. We love that the MyZone tracks effort, not just calories burned.

The system starts off with a generic maximum heart rate based on an American College of Sports Medicine computation. But the heart rate monitor will begin to adjust once the wearer begins working out. One of the best things about MyZone, at least from a trainer's perspective, is that we can see what you are doing when we are not there! Let us repeat that: WE CAN SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN WE ARE NOT THERE! Sounds a bit on the perverted side when looking at it like that. But, who cares! We are all about your fitness, and this is another way we can help hold you accountable to the goals you've set. 

Do not worry. We will not be able to see all of your information, just the pertinent stuff: calories and MEPS. It is a sweet system, and we are happy to make it a part of what we offer!

Hope you did not think we forgot about the heavy stuff! Remember our name, right?


Be Strong Today

With a name like that, it would be foolish to be caught without an ample amount of iron for the most ardent powerlifters. We do not have any bulls to carry (against regulations) but we do have big plates, and this ain't that gym that gives you cookies and pizza upon arrival, so you can grunt all you want! We have a half rack that is well-suited for squats, bench press, incline press, pull-ups, military presses and more. The half rack sits on top of an Olympic lifting platform. Cleans, snatches, jerks and all of their assistance lifts can be done there, complete with the bumper plates.

We have trap bars, kettlebells galore and tires for flipping. Sorry, no lifting straps here. But if you want, we could get you a nice pumice stone and some pretty-smelling lotion to twake care of the widdle calluses on your fingers. If, that is, you're into that type of thing. 

There are parallel bars in the field, a stand-alone pull-up bar, too. Oh, and we cannot the forget the slack line, the slack ladder and the climbing rope! .... Actually, scratch those last three. We ... ahh ... err ... do not have them just yet. But they are coming! And they will join all of the resistance bands, overspeed trainers, reaction belts, plyo boxes, sleds and more FUNctional equipment than anybody not selling the stuff!







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630-730                                            M Essentials                                                         M Essentials                                                                                Coed Elite

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900-1000       W Essentials                                                      W Essentials                                                  W Essentials        Cyclone Jr. Golf     

1000-1100       Yoga                           Coed LHS                                                       Coed LHS                  Yoga                                                         

1100-1200       W Elements                                                       W Elements                Yoga                       W Elements






400-530                                       Cyclone Jr. Golf             S.M.A.S.H. Jr. Golf  

430-600                                                                                                                      Cyclone JR. GOLF


600-700                                          Teen S&C                                                                 Teen Sprinting        Teen S&C                                            Teen S&C




                          MONDAY                  TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                  THURSDAY                 FRIDAY                SATURDAY                 SUNDAY

MILO is open rain or shine. We will close during thunderstorms. In the case of an earthquake, stay home if it's safe and pick up heavy stuff there; call us if you need help!