Wow Sergio! Thanks for lobbing this softball! :) Do you all even play softball in Spain? Seriously, just wondering how many of my jokes will get lost in translation (which was a strange movie).


Anyway, 20 kids, 15 minutes.

You didn't mention their ages, skill or ability levels, sport or amount of support. Each of those matters tremendously when it comes to specifics. So, I'll just stay general and assume that there will only be one coach.

I want to hit the whole body, regardless of age and ability. That means four exercise stations: lower body, core body, upper body and total body. I will pick one of three modes to do for each exercise: muscular endurance, muscular strength or power/explosiveness. Within those modes will be 1-3 exercises.

  • 4 Stations
  • 5 Athletes each station
  • 3 Minutes each station
  • 12 minutes total workout time + 1 minute to switch between stations = 15 minutes. 


15- to 18-year-old Females (Explosive)

1. Plyo pushups 2. Tuck jumps 3. Hanging body curls 4. Medball squat, thrust and sprint

4- to 7-year-old Males (Muscular Endurance)

1. Bear Crawls 2. Net Climbs 3. Tug-of-War 4. SUV tire flips

The set up is the most important part of this. Set up the structure of what you want to accomplish, and it's easy to plug in the specific exercises.