We did a core workout at today's practice. Actually we're doing a lot of specific core exercises this month because I wasn't happy with where our core body strength after the testing at the beginning of the month.

Anyway, this video shows the athletes doing lateral bear crawls (at least that's what we call them) for 50 yards. They also did: hollow body rocks, two types of dynamic core, pushup-to-planks, and lumbar-flat crunches.

Except for the crunches, each exercise was aimed at forcing the athlete to move the extremities without moving the body's trunk. Within many sports, athletes need to maintain stability within the trunk while the extremities move all over the place.

Some of the the athletes here have a lot of work ahead to get where we want! But, we're getting there!

The hollow body rocks were no joke. I, however, am a bit devious when having the athletes do them though. I'll have to post a video of my progressions. Until then: Start off in the lumbar-flat position. Extend one arm for 10 seconds. Then the other. Rest. Repeat. Then do the same with legs coming off the ground. Repeat. Then both arms and legs off ground (should be up to 40 seconds by now). Repeat. Then do the complete rocking.

During the lumbar-flat crunches, we had the athletes on their backs with hips flexed 90-degrees. They had to maintain a flat back while doing 100 toe touches. 

We did push-up to planks to Moby's song "Flower."

The dynamic planks came with assistance. One athlete would lie on the ground, on the stomach, while the other tried to flip him or her to the back. In the other, one athlete assumed a plank position while the other athlete tried to push over the first.

Some hard work. Some tedious work. Some fun work.

Made for a sweet session!