Just go get them now. Thank me later.

Just go get them now. Thank me later.

I constantly find my brain folding back the pages of these three books. Probably have about 400 or so books on exercise or health and fitness. Some are insanely horrible. Some are pretty sweet. Then there are these.

All three are overflowing with research study after research study. Want to know many of the whys and whatfors occurring with your young athletes, odds are good the answers or directions to the answers can be found in one of these.

Now, don't get it twisted. There are MANY sweet books out there that can give us insight into youth fitness and health. And, over time we'll go through my whole library - even the bad ones (at least the ones I think are bad.)

We can get the Brain book and the Nurture Shock in book stores. The Attention, Balance and Coordination needs to be ordered.