A fairly intense core exercise. That forces the athlete to use a lot of grip strength, too. This is another exercise that requires the athlete to have a strong inner core before attempting it.

An important thing about doing this is to keep the lumbar spine as flat as possible while the hips are extended. Doing a posterior pelvic tilt throughout the movement helps accomplish the flat lumbar spine.

Like many others, this can be made to be as easy or hard as needed. It's a self-limiting exercise, too, meaning if you're doing it, then you're doing it right. It might not be as good as others, but you're still working the core!

Very old, but still very effective exercise for helping one gain more mobility, stability and strength. There are thousands of TGU videos floating around the Internet. Don't have to make it hard. Simply use a cup of water for resistance.

A core exercise using the instability of Olympic Rings. Sweet exercise made a bit more challenging because of the leg extension. The further the challenge simply hold the legs in the extended position.

Another sweet core exercise. This one is a little tougher than knee raises, but not nearly as tough as windshield wipers. Getting good work on the flexors in the forearms, too!

Fun exercise that works on stability, mobility and strength throughout the body. Make sure to not take any shortcuts. Do the entire movement, trying to be as lengthy as possible.

An exercise that can be done on virtually any sturdy surface. Put hands on surface tighten the arms (don't lock out arms) and raise the torso off the bench.

Try to go up to the toes on this one. Also try to keep the legs and the torso as straight as possible.

Anytime we hear, "Squats" we think about the glutes or the legs in genera. The B-U KB squat is about more than just the legs. It's about core control. Is the body able to stay stable enough to allow a descent and ascent without the kettlebells falling over.

Just a little mutation on the standard plank. Adding the Functional Movement Training band makes intensifies the pressure on the core to remain stable.

Sweet exercise that targets the core in a slightly different way. The goal is to get make sure the legs and torso stay as straight as possible.

A few different and fun ways to use the FMT (Gray Cook band) while doing core work. If a partners isn't available, hook the middle loop of the FMT to a pole or just wrap the FMT around a pole.

This just might be our favorite type of Bear Crawl. You can go crazy fast with this, and the glutes are simply on fire when you finish! But it's the core that keeps us stable throughout the exercise! Gotta have a good carpet for this though.

Another fun sweet exercise that works a little more than just mobility in the hips, knees and shoulders. Got a lot of stability in the trunk working, too. The more the butt moves from side to side the lower the hip range of motion as well as stability in the core.

The lunges challenge the core as well as the glutes to help the body maintaing a stable posture throughout the movement.

Giving the right amount of tension, this is an incredibly challenging exercise that forces the core to contract while remaining stable enough to allow fluid movement throughout the extremities.

So, we take one of our favorite exercises and and "pimp" it out by adding even more instability to it! The person moves forward while making sure there is an adequate amount of core stability. 

Just a quick and fun way of hitting some of the core muscles. Do each movement for at least 30 seconds.

Sweet exercise that helps us get a the core from a slightly different angle. Make sure the butt and back do not move sky ward.

Nice way to spend some time at the beach or wherever your spot may be! Hook up the TRX. Strap in, and hit the core, pecs and triceps in this one!