The MILO Performance Center and Coach Milo were voted by The San Diego Magazine as the "Best Outdoor Gym & Trainer" in San Diego for 2015.

Sweet Stuff!!!

But folks, we are just getting started!

MILO is powered by a multi-station piece of FUNctional fitness amazement designed by the exercise equipment brainiacs at Life Fitness. The unit is called the Synrgy BlueSky. It is the first full-sized unit to be put to use in an outdoor performance center setting.

An insanely fun piece of fitness equipment!

Simply put, this thing is sick

The BlueSky is great for: Pulling ... Pushing ... Stretching ... Jumping ... Climbing ... Swinging ... Hanging ... Navigating ... Stepping ... Crawling ... Strengthening ... and that's just the beginning. We still have to get in to the kinesthetic, vestibular and other spatial awareness things we can do. Oh! All of that is without a single attachment! When we attach a few of our "toys" to this, the stuff we can do with movement is ridiculous.

The BlueSky is powder coated galvanized steel. There are zero moving parts - unless, that is, you count the laxity in the net, which is actually supposed to be there. Since MILO works with young and adult athletes, the BlueSky was configured to be maximized by both groups of athletes.

Our youngest athletes, who nicknamed the unit "Skye" have developed nothing but love for it. Even during our golf fitness classes, they want to "play" on it and seemingly do nothing else!  Meanwhile, our adult athletes have developed a love/hate relationship with Skye. After a few fun sets of particularly challenging exercises, the adults can be heard using a few other, rather, more descriptive names for Skye.

Measuring Movement

We are also very happy to have MyZone for our members! MyZone is a heart rate monitoring system that gives you and your trainer an amazing tool to help reach fitness goals! The member will wear the heart rate monitor throughout the day, especially during workouts. The monitor collects and stores data about the energy expenditure. We love that the MyZone tracks effort, not just calories burned.

The system starts off with a generic maximum heart rate based on an American College of Sports Medicine computation. But the heart rate monitor will begin to adjust once the wearer begins working out. One of the best things about MyZone, at least from a trainer's perspective, is that we can see what you are doing when we are not there! Let us repeat that: WE CAN SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN WE ARE NOT THERE! Sounds a bit on the perverted side when looking at it like that. But, who cares! We are all about your fitness, and this is another way we can help hold you accountable to the goals you've set. 

Do not worry. We will not be able to see all of your information, just the pertinent stuff: calories and MEPS. It is a sweet system, and we are happy to make it a part of what we offer!

Hope you did not think we forgot about the heavy stuff! Remember our name, right?


Be Strong Today

With a name like that, it would be foolish to be caught without an ample amount of iron for the most ardent powerlifters. We do not have any bulls to carry (against regulations) but we do have big plates, and this ain't that gym that gives you cookies and pizza upon arrival, so you can grunt all you want! We have a half rack that is well-suited for squats, bench press, incline press, pull-ups, military presses and more. The half rack sits on top of an Olympic lifting platform. Cleans, snatches, jerks and all of their assistance lifts can be done there, complete with the bumper plates.

We have trap bars, kettlebells galore and tires for flipping. Sorry, no lifting straps here. But if you want, we could get you a nice pumice stone and some pretty-smelling lotion to twake care of the widdle calluses on your fingers. If, that is, you're into that type of thing. 

There are parallel bars in the field, a stand-alone pull-up bar, too. Oh, and we cannot the forget the slack line, the slack ladder and the climbing rope! .... Actually, scratch those last three. We ... ahh ... err ... do not have them just yet. But they are coming! And they will join all of the resistance bands, overspeed trainers, reaction belts, plyo boxes, sleds and more FUNctional equipment than anybody not selling the stuff!