MILO is excited to offer an Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) course for students who attend the San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD). Programming for other local districts will be available soon!

Coach Milo talking with a few young athletes about the amount of sugar they will find in their sodas and their sports drinks.

Our ISPE program is an amazing way to meet the SDUHSD physical education requirements. We will assess each student, and place the student on an interactive health and fitness program geared toward surpassing the limitations (others call them goals) that the students set.


  • The program is interactive in the sense that the students will learn more than they ever thought they would about their musculoskeletal selves and how they can improve their movement strength, power, speed and efficiency for any sport or activity that drives them.
  • Students and student athletes will learn about nutrition that relates specifically to them.
  • Students and student athletes will learn about creating their own physical literacy.
  • Female students and female athletes will learn how to chart and manage their hormonal cycle as it relates to nutrition, the athletic activities they do and the limitations they set.
  • Practices will be coached by MILO staff and by internationally-known experts in various health, nutrition, and fitness-related fields.

It does not matter if you are an athlete or not. It does not matter if you love sports or hate them. This class is about health and fitness. Student athletes and sports folks take this class to be better at the sports that capture their passion. Students take this class to gain confidence in an ability to make the body do what needs to be done exactly when it needs to do it. 

This ISPE program is available for 7-12th graders, who will need to commit to the full semester of classes in order to earn class credit.

  • WHERE: All practices take place at our MILO facility at 15555 Jimmy Durante Blvd. in Del Mar. Practices take place in non-threatening inclement weather as well as in all the amazing weather San Diego gives us.
  • COST: $1250/semester - Can be paid in lump sum or five (5) equal payments of $250 on the first of the month with an account draft.